United Methodist Volunteers in Mission

Who We Are:

United Methodist Volunteers In Mission (UMVIM) is a grassroots movement within the United Methodist Church designed to provide an official channel whereby Christians, both lay and clergy, may offer their skills and talents for Christian service at home and around the world on short term assignments at their own expense. We typically serve in teams, often organized around one of our local churches.  We are young, we are old and we are everything in between. 

What We Do:

We serve locally, nationally, and internationally in a variety of projects that include teaching, construction, evangelism and medical treatment.  We have specialized teams that respond in the aftermath of disaster to provide a caring presence in a time of great need as well as those who continue to assist in rebuilding long after the disaster itself has past.

How to Join Us:

If you have served outside the walls of a church, you already have!  But there’s much more to do.  On these pages, you’ll find ideas for being in mission, how to become a Team Leader, how to share your mission story, how to become a disaster response volunteer and more.  Follow your call and join us!

Latest News:

Kenya 2018: Jan 4-24, 2018; Contact Louise Kienzle for more information.

Contact Us:

Conference UMVIM Coordinator:  Becky Platt at beckyplatt1@peoplepc.com .
Conference Missions Coordinator:  Jim Frisbie at jamesfrisbie@comcast.net .


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