Church Vitality

So now it’s up to you

Jan Nelson


Annual Conference Generated ideas and commitment. Now is the time to follow up.

Spirit Alive: What the Dalai Lama Taught Me About Jesus

Lowell Greathouse


Spirit Alive: When Inter-Faith Dialogue Becomes Sacred Conversation

See you in the mission field

Steve Ross


I have deeply missed the intimate work of shared discipleship in the local church.

Spirit Alive: Is Your God Too Small?

Lowell Greathouse


Spirit Alive: Is Your God Too Small? Only If Your World Is

Spirit Alive: Do You Really Know Where You Live?

Lowell Greathouse


Do You Really Know Where You Live?

The Disney Way: Doing Everything With Excellence

Grant Hagiya


How do we build a culture of excellence in our churches?

Food Drive Wrap-up

Mary Foote


80,000 pounds of food collected across the conference in one month.

CLD Program Brings Focus to Church Vitality

Lowell Greathouse


This six month, intensive experience has been an important part of our learning culture as a district,

On Death and Resurrection

Grant Hagiya


Death is something all of us must face, and that holds true of our church also.

A moratorium on busyness

Kim Fields


Uncharacteristically, my response was that the answer might have nothing to do with doing. Maybe, just maybe, what they needed to do was to concentrate on not doing for awhile.

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