Holy Land Task Force

The Holy Land Task Force was established by Action of the 2013  Annual Conference session, and was tasked with researching companies ”affecting the Palestinian people in harmful way” in violation of already established United Methodist Church  resolutions, and provide educational materials to UMC individuals, local congregations and districts.

In 2014, a resolution was passed that “The Oregon-Idaho Annual conference (shall) strongly encourage all churches, ministry settings and/or districts to commit to providing a study based on the United Methodist-Kairos Response document Kairos Palestine Response in preparation for further action at the 2015 Annual Conference Session.”

At the 2015 Annual Conference, the Task Force, in conjunction MSFA and Peace With Justice, passed a resolution directing the Annual Conference to “divest all Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference funds from stock held in Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions, and Hewlett-Packard, and continue to exclude these companies from the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference investments until these companies end their involvement with the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine…”   (The full text of the resolution is available here.)

The Task Force members (listed above right) have a number of resources available for use in local ministry settings. Task Force members have visited the Holy Land and are willing to make presentations, and provide study resources; contact chairperson Dee Poujade at traveling.mimi@gmail.com.

People of faith have been praying about this issue for a long time; the Holy Land Task Force believes it is time to add action to our prayers!


Task Force Members:

Dee Poujade, Chair - email

Betty Cobb-Colgan

Janine DeLaunay

Babs Eggleston

Liz Jacob

Karen McAlister

Jan Nelson

Claudia Roberts

LoErna Simpson

Steve Sprecher

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