Recipe for Enough

Below are all the files that make up the Recipe For Enough notebook. These pages have been updated for 2011. You can download any or all of the materials you need for use in your local church. The Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference holds copyright and publishing rights to this material, but United Methodist Churches are fee to use any of the material. If you have questions about the Recipe For Enough, contact Gayle Woods at
All files are formatted in Adobe PDF. Contact Gail for publisher files.

Recipe For Enough

Kit Cover
Bishop’s Introduction
Task Force Members
Posters: Large Small
“Setting the Table” Instructions (meal experience)
Newsletter and Bulletin resources
Sample Invitation
Sign-up Sheet
Children’s Activity Sheet
Reserved Signs
Table Tents with Questions
Menu: Large Small
Recipe Book
Attendance Cards
Discernment Process Suggestions
“Setting the Table” Meal Liturgy
Commitment Card
Additional Worship Resources
     Communion Liturgy
     Litany for those who Hunger
     Litany of Guidance
     Litany for those who Hunger and Thirst
     Litany of Justice
     Litany of Service
     Litany of Thanksgiving

Click Here to view an introductory message by Bishop Hoshibata about the Recipe for Enough program


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