United Methodist Women

Our Purpose

United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose PURPOSE is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church

“Until poverty, violence, inequality, racism, preventable deaths cease,
until women and children are no longer marginalized,
until we live in a world in which all thrive,
women need to be organized for mission.”

United Methodist Women are organized for mission in over 200 churches across Oregon and Southern Idaho.  We join hands and resources with women across the country and around the world to work for God’s kingdom of love and justice.  Together we work, give, and pray to support hundreds of projects for education, health, empowerment around the world.  Individually, we are in mission with women, children and youth in our own communities.

Join us!

Karen Morray, Conference President

Mission u 2017

Learn and experience:  Spiritual Growth: A Covenantal Community (Part 1)
                                       Study Leaders: Gayle Woods & Teri Wantanbe
and:                               Social Issue:  "Climate Justice:  Call to Hope and Action"
                                        Study Leaders: OR-John Pitney, ID-Jael Prin
and:                               Geographic: The Missionary Conferences of the United
                                                           Methodist Church
                                         Study Leader - Sue Chambers


Idaho: Nazareth Retreat Center - July 6-9

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Oregon:  Alton Collins Retreat Center - July 27-30

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Legacy Fund


The Legacy Fund is a permanent endowment that will support the mission outreach of future generations of United Methodist Women as they address the needs of women, children and youth of their day.



Becoming and Being a

Healthy Vital Unit Program

Is your community of women doing the things that make us United Methodist Women?  Download the checklist below and take it to your next group gathering.  Be inspired!  Be healthy!  Be vital!

Healthy Vital Unit Checklist HERE


Assembly 2018:  Columbus, Ohio: May 17 – 20  

Every 4 years, United Methodist Women from around the globe gather for a weekend of worship, education, community-building, and inspiration. 

See HERE for photos of Assembly 2014. 

National United Methodist Women Handbook PDF download


Conference Standing Rules 2017


Boldly Making Disciples of Jesus Christ - Vitalizing the Church - Transforming the World