Mission u

2017 Mission u


Oregon Mission u:  July 27-30 at Alton Collins Retreat Center, Eagle Creek, OR

    Link to Map of Alton Collins Retreat Center

Idaho Mission u:  July 6-9 - Nazareth Retreat Center, Boise, ID

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    Link to Map of Boise/Nazareth Retreat Center



2017 Study Topics:


Social Issue:  Climate Justice: A Call to Hope and Action - click here for information on the study

Spiritual Growth: A Covenantal Community (Part 1)

Geographic: The Missionary Conferences of the United Methodist Church


To Contact the Dean:  janelle@busyhands.biz

To Contact the Assistant Dean:  carol.usherrn@gmail.com


Copies of the Mission Study books can be ordered from the UMW Mission Resources.  


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