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The Greater Northwest Area Disaster Preparedness + Response Team has put together great resources for local churches to use or consider if wanting to engage in this vital ministry of the church.
From Aldersgate UMC in Juneau, Alaska, Bishop Cedrick D. Bridgeforth was officially installed as the episcopal leader for the Greater Northwest Area on May 20.
The Greater Northwest Area Circle of Indigenous Ministries is focused on building friendships within Indigenous communities, collaboration and decolonization.

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News 6/5/2023

Guest preachers lined up for Annual Conference 2023

This year's Annual Conference will featuring preaching from individuals within our Annual Conference as well as guest preachers. If you're not attending in-person or via Zoom, you can still watch these preachers on our livestream at www.umoi.org.

Blog Posts 5/17/2023

Inspiring Generosity: Millennials May Have More to Give than You Think

Boomers and the Greatest Generation are more often motivated to give out of a sense of loyalty. They have a profound respect for and love of institutions like the church. For Millennials, that’s not enough. They want to give to an organization or congregation that they believe is changing the world and matches with their values.