2012 Year-End Reports

There are several reports which are due from the Local Church/and-or clergy persons in January, which we collectively call the "Year-End Reports", because they reflect back on the year just ended, and they provide information which can be helpful as we enter a new year.

First are the Pastoral Appointment Preference Forms. The pastors and SPRC chairs should have received an e-mail from the Bishop’s office this past week about those. The forms, one each from the pastor and SPRC, are due in the district office by January 15, 2013. These forms (Clergy Preference, SPRC Preference) are available online at http://www.umoi.org/forms/district/6

Here is a list of the reports that you will need to mail to the District Office following the end of the calendar year. These are due by January 31, 2013.

  • Clergy Continuing Education Report
  • Clergy Annual Disclosure Form
  • Clergy Profile
  • Parsonage Report (if applicable)
  • Church Profile
  • Deacon's Report (if applicable)
  • Statistical Reports (You will receive a separate communication about these from the Conference Finance Office before the end of the year)

Not due quite yet, but good to have on the radar screen is:
Financial Audit/Fund Balance Report (due April 1, 2013)

All of these forms and instructions are available at the following link: http://www.umoi.org/forms/category/4

There is a table, similar to the one we had for church conference reports, that shows the report, who is responsible, when it is due, and any other ancillary information. It is attached to this e-mail. I also have posted all this information and the summary table on the Conference website. You can reach it by going to http://www.umoi.org/districts/detail/2 and then look for “2012 Year End Reports” in the left-hand menu. So, if you lose track of this e-mail, you can just go to the website! Or – as always – just contact me and I’ll help!

Thank you so much for your attention to these matters. Please share this information with the appropriate folks in your congregation. If you don’t want to think about it until after Christmas, just put a tickler in your computer or calendar to remind you later . . . but don’t forget! After Christmas, the month of January will go by quickly!


Please click on the link below to access the table of documents for year-end, and when they are due.

2012 Year End Reports SummaryTable


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