Legislation 2015



Legislative Items will be reviewed by the Annual Conference Session meeting in June 11-13 in Salem.

You can view or download the action requests and standing resolutions below. To read the packages you will need the Adobe Reader program or equivalent software. You can download it for free from this site. Hint: If you have problems opening a file, download it first by RIGHT clicking on your mouse and saving the file to your computer.

Legislation was reviewed by the Legislative Assembly when it met April 12 and 13, 2015. The Assembly discusses, debates and sometimes amends proposed before making a recommendation to the full Annual Conference.  Learn more about Legislative Assembly.

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Download the Bundle

Download or view the full package of Consent Calendars, Action Requests, and other legislative items as a package with index and page numbers Amendment and voting history from Legislative Assembly are included on each item.

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[Download the versions as they were submitted to Legislative Assembly.]

Download/View Specific Items

Consent Calendar Items (click on title)

CCAR 01: Mending a Shameful Legacy

CCAR 02: Scholarship Policies, Board of Ordained Ministry

CCAR 03: Conference Pulpit Exchange Sunday

CCAR 04: Revision of Conference Rule 13.060 Election of Assc. Conf. Lay Leader

CCSR 01: Ban on Torture

CCSR 02: Close School of the Americas

CCSR 03: Embracing the immigrant

CCSR 04: Climate Change

CCSR 05: Support the Abolition of Human Trafficking

CCSR 06: Delete Cuba Embargo Standing Resolution

CCSRD 07: Reflecting on Prayers & thoughts of Peace & Faith Here and Worldwide

CCGC 01: Retitling Board of Ordained Ministry to Board of Ministerial Leadership

CCGC 02: Establishing A Screen To Remove And Avoid Investments in
                  Illegal Settlements On Occupied Land

Individual Items – Action Requests (click on title)

AR 05: Single-User, Gender-Neutral,  Accessible, Lockable, Restrooms

AR 06: Aligning Investments with Values Regarding Palestine and Israel

AR 07: Independent Voice on Pastor Parrish Relations Committee

AR 08: Transparency of Legislative Assembly Representation

Individual Items – Standing Resolutions (click on title)

SR 08: National Fair Trade Policy

SR 09: Promises Broken

SR 10: Repair and Strengthen the 1965 Voting Rights Act

SR 11: Supporting Middle East Peace Efforts

SR 12: Aligning Investments with Values Regarding Palestine and Israel

Individual Items – General Conference Petitions (click on title)

GC 03: Create Petroleum and Natural Gas Investment Screens

GC 04: Do Not Invest in Petroleum, Coal and Natural Gas

GC 05: Avoid Investment in The Production Of Petroleum, Coal And Natural Gas

GC 06: Divest From Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions And Hewlett Packard
             After Years Of Corporate Engagement

Legislative Action Forms

You can download forms for submitting action items to the Legislative Assembly and Annual Conference here. The forms are in Microsoft word format.

Action Request From download Standing Resolution Form Download General Conference Petition Form Download

To download the forms, right-click on them and choose "Save as..." or "Save Target..." or "Save Link as..."

For more information, contact legislative coordinators, Jeanne Knepper (jgknepper@comcast.net) and Warren Light (uowesleycenter@gmail.com).

Legislation due date was: Saturday, March 07, 2015

Questions about legislation can be directed to
Jeanne Knepper (jgknepper@comcast.net) or Warren Light (uowesleycenter@gmail.com).

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