2020 Fall Charge Conferences

It seems there isn't a facet of our life together that hasn't been touched by the public health crisis, and Fall Charge Conferences are no exception. We want to give you a general heads-up about what to expect.

  • Online: No surprise here -- your church's Fall Charge Conference will be held over Zoom.
    • Limited in-person as needed: Some church members may have obstacles to their ability to participate in a Zoom meeting. If Tim (or Erin before July 1) has approved your church's re-opening plan for Phase 2, then you may carefully open up a room in your church's building for those members to participate in a manner consistent with the Reimagining Life Together parameters for Phase 2.
  • Simple: The short agenda is online here. Your Fall Charge Conference will be to fulfill the essential business as outlined in ¶246-247, and also a focus on Dismantling Racism. As such we are not expecting this to be an all-church gathering, but limited to the membership listed in ¶246.2: "The membership of the charge conference shall be all members of the church council or other appropriate body, together with retired ordained ministers who elect to hold their membership in said charge conference and any others as may be designated in the Discipline." A few churches have requested to have Church Conferences (scroll to ¶248) instead of Charge Conferences, but we are defaulting to Charge Conferences. 
  • Required Forms: The standards forms will once more be accessed through the Church Dashboard: Report of the Trustees, Church Officers Contact List, 1st & 2nd Reading, and Safe Sanctuary Annual Policy Review. The Clergy and Lay Compensation Worksheets are available here.
  • Action Assemblies: Previous years' Fall Charge Conferences have taken the form of an Action Assembly by including storytelling, group conversation, and more. This year we will separate out the "Action Assembly" portion into district-wide webinars. More details will be announced soon.
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