Annual Conference 2023

Going the M.I.L.E. with Bishop Cedrick: AC Sermon series 2023

You can watch or download each of Bishop Cedrick's sermon from installation to closing worship during Annual Conference 2023. Each sermon builds on his plan to go the M.I.L.E. Use the toggles in the top left corner to flip between each of the videos in the showcase. You can also use this link to go to the Vimeo showcase and download each sermon.

Accessing more information from OR-ID Annual Conference 2023

Saturday, June 10th

Sunday, June 11th

Friday, June 9th

Thursday, June 8th

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AC Update 1: Sent April 7
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Travel reimbursement forms

AC members who travel more than 200 miles round trip are eligible for mileage reimbursement and equalization members are additionally eligible for reimbursement of lodging and meals (up to a cap).  Groups who qualify: District Youth Equalization Members, District Young Adult Equalization Members, District College Equalization Members, District Ethnic Equalization Members, District Lay Leaders, District Presidents of United Women in Faith, and District Presidents on United Methodist Men per Conference Rule 1.030.