Resources for District Committees on Ordained Ministry

Greater Northwest Area DCOM Handbook

2017-20 GBHEM Handbook--DCOMs

2017-20 GBHEM Handbook--Candidacy

2017-20 GBHEM Handbook--Interviews

2017-20 GBHEM Handbook--Psych Assessments

2017-20 GBHEM Handbook--Licensing and COS

Action Report to be sent to the BOM after each DCOM action

Action Outlines to be used as a guide when taking DCOM action on a candidate or local pastor

Calendar of BOM/DCOM events and meetings

Certified Lay Ministry: step-by-step process for becoming certified and for renewal of certification

Minutes - link to DCOM Quick Minutes

Orders of Ministry comparison grid

Tips and Tricks--archive of weekly emails for DCOM members

Contact the BOM Admin for the link to your Committee's Dropbox folder with more resources