OR-ID United Methodist Ministers Retirement Fund

The Oregon-Idaho United Methodist Ministers' Retirement fund is an independent organization dedicated to the well-being of retired clergy and their families.


Dear Colleagues and Friends:

The sixth chapter of Acts tells a wonderful story of concern for the welfare of widows in the earliest Christian congregations.  The Apostles commissioned seven to respond and help.  And they did!   Luke concludes: “And the Word of God Prospered.” (Acts 6:7 Peterson)

Over a hundred years ago women and men in the (then) Oregon Conference became concerned about the well-being of retired clergy and their families.  The Conference commissioned a group of faithful Methodists, clergy and lay people, to respond and help.  In April, 1909, they established the United Methodist Minister’s Fund to: “…collect and accumulate an irreducible fund … the income of which shall be applied annually to the support and maintenance of Conference Claimants….”

After over 106 years of faithful, sacrificial giving, as well as capable stewardship of the monies, our Ministers Retirement Fund has grown to over two million dollars in holdings. 

In January of 2016, following a change in policy approved by the UMMRF Board of Trustees, we will distribute earnings of $98,000 directly to all claimants (a “claimant” is a retired clergy, or a clergy widow or widower, or a deceased clergy’s dependent children.).  The money will assist and supplement the fixed incomes of retired clergy, their widow(er)s, or surviving dependent children.

To help continue building our retirees’ confidence in their financial future, we ask for your generous support.  We need your help so that the fund may continue to grow and its earnings increase to help future retirees and families.  Make it a remembrance of a particular time of pastoral care or inspired worship, a gift to honor an active clergy person, a gift in memory of a mentor or the inspiration of particular persons, or to show appreciation for their special role in your life or community.

Send your contribution to the address above, ATTN: Treasurer, UMMRF or on-line by using the link at the top of the page. Your entire contribution will become part of the perpetual fund. As it thrives, increased earnings will be distributed in future years. The Fund is a 501(c)(3) and so your gift is entirely tax-deductible.

Can we count on you to join this long and impressive history of faithful giving through the United Methodist Minister’s Retirement Fund? … so the Word of God may continue to prosper?

Grace & Peace,

Frank P. McNamara
Frank P. McNamara, Chair
UMMRF Board