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National Mission Institutions

Here is a list of National Mission Institutions that we support with our Gifts to Mission.


United Methodist Women

This is our primary website. Here you will find the latest news and information about United Methodist Women members, programs and initiatives. You'll also find promotional and educational items that can be downloaded as well as links to our other sites and our Mission Resource Center e-store.

United Methodist Women's On-Line Community

This is the social networking site for United Methodist Women. The new UMWOniine is more like Facebook and is the place to connect one on one with other United Methodist Women members. You will want to visit, set up
your account, friend your sisters and begin networking for mission.

United Methodist Women's Facebook Page

If you're on Facebook, be sure to "like" United Methodist Women. Follow thlink and sign up so that our regular posts will appear on your home page.

United Methodist Women's Twitter Page

Do you tweet? So does United Methodist Women! Use the link to find our Twitter account  "UMWomen". Followus, twee with us and become a part of the continuing conversation around faith, hope and love in action.

United Methodist Women on YouTube

Need a video for a presentation? You'll find it on YouTube. Check out the video resources available by following the link. New videos are posted often!

United Methodist Women on Flickr

Need a photo for your newsletter or PowerPoint? Follow this link and you'll find terrific images illustrating the work of United Methodist Women members.

United Methodist Women Pinterest Page

Pinterest is an on-line bulletin board.  The UMW page has a variety of interesting photos, posters, information on social action issues, etc.

United Methodist Women Mission Resources

PBD Worldwide hosts our e-store (online) and acts as the fulfillment center for ALL our Mission Resource material ordered by phone, fax or ordered through the e-store.   As a bonus, all orders placed online are processed without additional cost to us. By ordering online, you make the most of mission dollars.
§  The website is www.umwmissionresources.org  
§  The phone number is 1-800-305-9857
§  The fax number is 1-770-280-0061  

Western Jurisdiction United Methodist Women

The website of the Western Jurisdiction United Methodist women
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