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Idaho Legislative Advocacy Event

            The Legislative Advocacy Event is an opportunity for you to become acquainted with the legislative process.  

We have an interesting guest speaker and 2 important issues to be covered in the United Methodist Women Idaho Legislative Event. Sunday will focus on an overview of legislative issues.  Our first speaker is Representative Priscilla Giddings from Whitebird.  She is a conservative Republican legislator and former US Air Force pilot who will talk about women’s role in the Idaho Legislature and answer our questions. 

The issues to be covered by other speakers are the proposed U. S. Constitutional Convention and expansion of Medicaid.  The proposed US Constitutional Convention has some potential for far reaching consequences because there is little or no definition in Article V of the U S. Constitution as to the makeup of the Convention delegates, or limitation on the topics to be discussed.  They could rewrite the whole document.  

Medicaid Expansion is being worked on in two very compatible efforts.  One is legislation to expand Medicaid coverage to about half of the people in the “Gap” and bring down the cost of insurance in the individual health care market.  The other is an initiative petition effort to put legislation on the November 2018 ballot to expand Medicaid to include persons under the age of 65 whose modified gross income is 138% of poverty, the 78,000 peop0le who are presently in the “Gap”.  The two groups are NOT working in opposition.  They say that passage of either or both of the propositions would extend quality affordable health care to those in need.  We will have great speakers on all of these topics. 

We will provide printed materials about the legislative process and the state’s budget process, and agendas of the Monday committee meetings.   Monday, participants will visit the Capitol for a 9 am tour; attend committee meetings and sessions of the House and Senate. 

Monday noon we will have lunch with our legislators at Lindsay Hall of the First Presbyterian Church, a block from the Capitol.

Cost is $25, which includes Sunday supper and Monday lunch.   

Additional information and the registration form are found by clicking here



Oregon-Idaho United Methodist Women are sponsors of this event and have participated in the planning of it.  The workshops cover our 4 Social Action priorities, and will help us be better equipped to turn our faith, hope and love into action.

There is strength in knowledge and strength in numbers! Join with others of diverse faiths from around the state for “Raising Diverse Voices of Faith to Strengthen Oregon Communities.”

We make it easy for you! Attend issue briefings and workshops on advocating for compassionate legislation on climate, criminal justice, health care, housing, hunger and immigration. Then join in a march to the State Capitol, where we will make our faith voice heard in meetings with our state legislators. We provide talking points and make all necessary appointments for you.

Together we can build a just, inclusive and hope-filled future for all Oregonians.

   Monday, March 4

     9 am to 4 pm (check-in opens at 7:45 am).

     Salem, Oregon

   Registration & Morning Session

     St. Mark Lutheran Church, 790 Marion St. NE, Salem, OR

   Afternoon Session

     Oregon State Capitol, Salem, OR





How to Contact Your Legislators:

Click the links below to get information on how to contact your legislator:  
The White House
To find information on contacting your state representatives in Idaho, click on this link:'smylegislator.htm
To find information on contacting your state representatives in Oregon, click on this link: 

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