AC 2023: Resources for connecting online

Participating in the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference will be done in-person as well as online. While many people will be meeting in-person in Meridian, people who choose to attend remotely will still be able to participate fully in the discussions via Zoom. Even for those who attend in-person, you will need to have an electronic device (tablet, phone, laptop) with internet capability, which will allow you to connect to the GNTV online voting platform.

QUICK TIPS for participating via Zoom: This one-page document gives you a quick visualization

For those attending remotely, please check the following links to ensure your ability to participate:

  • TEST your ability to Connect to Zoom here: https://zoom.us/test. For Annual Conference you should test your speaker and microphone. You will not need to use a web camera to participate
  • CONNECT to the voting system via a webpage. Here is more info: a video, instructions and also instructions to practice voting using a demo: https://vote.gntv.info/help/

1. Fast-Enough Internet

Your internet connection will need to be fast enough to use the video-teleconferencing app Zoom. If you're able to watch YouTube or Netflix, or use video chat services such as FaceTime or Skype, then you should be able to use Zoom easily enough. If you want the nerdy numbers of how fast a connection Zoom needs, click here.

2. Navigate and Use Two Apps Simultaneously

The conference itself will be held over one app: Zoom. The voting will happen through a secure website in your browser (Safari, Chrome, Edge, etc.). You'll need to be able to vote without leaving the Zoom meeting. Because we all have different capacities with using internet-connected devices, and how many devices we have, it's worth spelling out your options.  If you would like help with this, please reach out to your District Administrator.

On Two Devices

On a Desktop or Laptop Computer

For those with multiple connected devices, open Zoom on the larger device and voting on the smaller one.

On your Windows or Mac computer, simply have two windows open at once: Zoom and your browser. Zoom does not have to be full screen, so you can easily switch between the two windows.

On a Tablet

On a Smartphone

Using two apps simultaneously is a little trickier on tablets like the iPad. If you are using an iPad, you may either use side-by-side multitasking or simply navigate between apps one at a time. Don't worry -- Zoom will stay on in the background while you're browsing.

Android phones and iPhones should keep the Zoom meeting's audio in the background when you switch to your browser to vote. Do this just like how you typically navigate between two apps.


If you have access to fast-enough internet and can confidently navigate between Zoom and your browser, you're good to go.