AC 2022 Legislation & Rules

Legislation considered in 2022

The Oregon-Idaho Conference Legislative Assembly met on April 29 and April 30, 2022, via Zoom to review legislation presented and forward on recommendations which will be acted upon by Annual Conference members during the plenary session scheduled for June 23, 2022, via Zoom.

Those members of Legislative Assembly present and voting included on April 29 and 30th included: Paul Nickell, Sarah Richard, Steve Mitchell, Teri Watanabe, John Tucker, Mark Batement, June Fothergill, Fungalei Taufoou, Laura Beville, Tom Orquiza-Renardo, Dawn Chastler, David Childress, Warren Light, Brenda SEne, Mike Conner, Sharon Bryan, Carol Evans, Wendy Woodworth, Christy Dirren, Chris Mitchell and Mariano Estrada.

By rule the Annual Conference highly values the representative composition of the Legislative Assembly.  Specifically, the membership of the Legislative Assembly “...shall be representative of the Annual Conference as a whole, with effort made to balance gender, age, ethnic and national origin, theological perspective, and socioeconomic location (rule 2.024).”

A good faith effort was made to achieve these representative goals, and the membership of 2022 Legislative Assembly did include many individuals of diverse gender, age, ethnic and national origin, theological perspective, and socioeconomic location.

Several members of the Legislative Assembly were not able to participate or had resigned their positions, in response to  extenuating circumstances and/or the extended term of service beyond the quadrennium.

The conference Nominations Committee shall continue to work with District Superintendents, committee chairpersons, and other leaders to continue to make progress in the diverse composition of the Legislative Assembly.

Legislation as it appears on the AC 2022 agenda (June 23)

Consent Calendar A (requires majority vote)

Consent Calendar B (requires 2/3 vote)

New Standing Resolutions (requires 2/3 vote)

Additional legislation for consideration


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