Action Assemblies 2020

Called in Christ for Times Such as These

Action Assemblies Reimagined for COVID-19

4 weekly Zooms of storytelling, dreaming, and scheming for the year ahead

Nurturing Partnerships Building Housing Dismantling Racism Battling Climate Change

Welcome to the apocalypse.

No, it's not the end of the world, though 2020 sure can feel like that! The Bible's word apocalypse means unveiling -- showing us what's been true all along... and in doing so, ending the world as we knew it, and inviting us with Jesus to reimagine a new one.

This year's crises have unveiled to the rest of us what LGBTQ+, working class, and BIPOC folk knew all along: denominational uncertainty, a housing crisis, systematic racism, and climate change were already among us. 2020 just rubbed our faces in it.

So maybe 2020 is an apocalypse. Or, it could be, if we join the Spirit in reimagining our life together for times such as these. Indeed, we were called as Christ's church to nothing less.

It's a life together you're already pioneering.

  • Some of you are finding the future of your faith as weavers of social holiness in your neighborhood.
  • Others of you are stewarding your shared real estate by building affordable housing.
  • Some are performing courageous moral inventories about the racism in your shared history.
  • Others cared for climate refugees after September's fires.

Let us celebrate these stories. And let us pair them with Bishop Elaine's summons* to courage for the year ahead, to keep reimagining what it could me to be a people called Methodist.

Superintendent Tim Overton-Harris and the rest of the Columbia District leadership would love your participation in any or all of four weekly Zoom gatherings to do just that.**

The world as it is has been unveiled. None of 2020's unveilings need to be setbacks for how to be followers of Jesus Christ: they are dares to move us forward. In the spirit of the Action Assemblies of the past two years, let us dream and scheme what's possible in times such as these.

* The Bishop's three-part address can be found here: Part I, Part II, Part III.
** Be sure to register for each one individually.

Questions? Email columbia@umoi.org or call (503)-802-9227