Appointment Announcements

This page lists appointment for the current cycle. You can see who is currently appointed to a church by looking at the church page.

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Airhart, Philip

From: Retired
To: Klamath Falls UMC, Klamath Falls, Oregon
Date Announced: 03-12-2018
Date of Move: 07-01-2018

Allen, D. Scott

From: Burley UMC, Burley, Idaho
To: Kuna UMC, Kuna Idaho
Date Announced: 03-12-2018
Date of Move: 07-01-2018

Beville, Laura

From: Harmony UMC, Coos Bay, Oregon
To: Silverton UMC and Trinity Lutheran (ELCA), Silverton, Oregon
Date Announced: 03-05-2018
Date of Move: 07-01-2018

Steele, Elaine

From: Retired
To: Crossroads UMC, Kimberly, Idaho
Date Announced: 02-05-2018
Date of Move: 02-14-2018

Briddell, Adam

From: First UMC, Eugene, Oregon - Associate Pastor
To: First UMC, Eugene, Oregon - Senior Pastor
Date Announced: 01-22-2018
Date of Move: 07-01-2018

Hernandez, Karen

From: Kuna UMC, Kuna, Idaho
To: Sage District Superintendent
Date Announced: 01-15-2018
Date of Move: 07-01-2018

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