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Oregon-Idaho United Methodist Church Archives contact information:

Idaho Archives Oregon Archives

Located at the Idaho State Archives
Contact person: Linda Tewksbury
Call for appointment or help on researching information in Archives.

Located at the MICAH Building at the Salem’s 1st United Methodist Church
600 State Street, Salem, OR 97301
Contact person: Lori Alton, Conference Archivist
Contact her for an appointment or help on researching information in Archives.

About Archives and History

Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference Journal -2011

(See also Rules 3.030, 3.031, 4.015)
7.010 At the first charge or church conference of a new quadrennium (i.e.: 1984, 1988, etc.), each District Superintendent shall include in the required reports of the local church a copy of the historical reporting form provided by the Conference Commission on Archives and History. Each District Superintendent shall send these gathered reports to the chair of the Conference Commission on Archives and History.

7.020 Each charge shall file with the Commission on Archives and History a copy of its history. At the beginning of each new decade (i.e.: 1980, 1990, etc.) each charge shall file a supplementary history covering the previous ten years.

7.030 All Boards, Commissions, Committees, Councils, etc. of the Annual Conference shall file copies of their minutes, soon after each meeting, with the  Commission on Archives and History except for the minutes of the Board of Ordained Ministry, and other minutes deemed to be confidential, which minutes shall be filed with the office of the Bishop.

 The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church states:

¶ 641. 1. In each annual conference there shall be a conference commission on archives and history. The number of members of the commission and their terms of office shall be as the conference may determine and may include an ex officio representative of each United Methodist heritage landmark in its bounds. It shall be the duty of the commission to collect, preserve, and make accessible the historically significant records of the annual conference and its agencies, including data relating to the origin and history of the conference and its antecedents; to encourage and assist the local churches in preserving their records, compiling their  histories, and celebrating their heritage; to provide for the permanent safekeeping of the historical records of all abandoned or discontinued churches in the bounds of the annual conference and its antecedents; to maintain a fire-safe historical and archival depository and to see that all items that obviously will have value for future history are properly preserved therein; to provide for the ownership of real property and to receive gifts and bequests.