Tim Overton-Harris

The Rev. Tim Overton-Harris is the Cascadia District Superintendent, supporting 47 congregations and two Hispanic ministries.

Blog Posts

The Rush to Re-Open: A Theological Reflection - 5/18/2020
Rev. Tim Overton-Harris reflects on what worship really means while gently questioning the eagerness with which we yearn to return to worship spaces during a pandemic.

White Privilege: A Primer - 10/14/2019
Cascadia District Superintendent shares the first time he realized that his experience of the world as a white male was not the same as the experience of people of color, and how he feels called in his faith to work toward a society where the mosaic of humanity is seen and celebrated.

Women and Girls Can and Do Lead: A Response to the Failure of Amendment One - 5/15/2018
Last week we became aware of the vote on the five amendments to the Constitution of the United Methodist Church proposed by the 2016 General Conference. Once an amendment is approved by the General Conference it goes to each Annual Conference throughout the world for ratification. The vote in each annual conference is tallied with all the other annual conference votes and the aggregate vote determines if an amendment is ratified. It is the total votes of the individual members of each annual ...

Take a leap with extension society - 2/19/2018
Cascadia District Superintendent Tim Overton-Harris encourages churches to take a leap of faith in new ministry.

"Askings" for more generosity this season - 12/13/2017
Cascadia District Superintendent Tim Overton-Harris talks about tangible ways to support many ministries.