David Armstrong

David Armstrong is the Southern District Lay Leader and delegate to the Western Jurisdictional Conference. He will be attending General Conference as a reserve delegate and observer. David lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Blog Posts

So Many Words… - 4/6/2016
I’ve been a church nerd my entire life, and a Methonerd* since 1991. Spending all those years in mainline denominations means I’ve been surrounded by words spoken in a religious context. On Sunday mornings we often get many of the same words: familiar liturgy, songs and hymns we’ve heard many times, scriptures that come up every three years if your pastor uses the lectionary. We also get some words that change but are not surprising: prayer requests, benedictions, and sermons, even if they’re ...

Got Any Spare Change? - 4/19/2012

David Armstrong is Oregon-Idaho's First Reserve Lay Delegate to General Conference, but there is nothing reserved about his opinion that we need to get off the dime and experience some change!

Enough already! - 11/2/2011

Are you tired yet of me talking about nothing but change? I think I may have reached the saturation point even for me,...