Vincent Myers

Vincent Myers is a delegate to the 2012 Western Jurisdictional Conference and is attending General Conference as an additional reserve delegate and observer. Vincent is a student at Chemeketa Community College and lives in Salem, Oregon.

Blog Posts

Day 11: Remembering Love - 5/4/2012

I understand the need to make a statement, to have witness, I understand also that people have right to protest their position. However, there are two things that happened that upset me. The first thing that has bothered me is that in protest/witness communion was served.

Day 10: Change - 5/3/2012

The Final thing that happened that was an injustice has been happening for a long time in a lot of places. The young people that were required to be part of the conversations were ignored, patronized, left out, and disrespected.

Day 9: Talk, Talk, Talk - 5/2/2012

One of the two main reasons that I am a United Methodist is because I can believe something different than the person sitting next to me and still be accepted in my church family. Many people were against this wording saying that if you don’t believe the way the bible (mind you the bible that can be interpreted many different ways), says you should then you have removed yourself from the grace and love of god.

Day 8: The Start - 5/1/2012

Do we all know what the definition of insanity is? Insanity: the act of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I would have to say by that definition the people sitting on stage this morning were insane.

Day 7: Fun and Rest - 4/30/2012

The sand is whiter and finer, the water is saltier and WARMER.

Day 6: Tired - 4/29/2012

One thing I will never get tired of is being with the young people. We have so much passion and drive when it comes to things we care about. The benefit to being young is we also have the energy to get less sleep and go, go, go, to pursue those things. It is truly amazing to be a part of, even when being a part of it makes you more physically tired it livens the soul.

Day 5: Progress and Repentance - 4/28/2012

Tonight after worship a small group of the young people met. At this meeting (like last nights) we were able to find ourselves in holy conferencing and made some decisions and progress as almost a caucus of young people.

Day 4: Frustration! - 4/27/2012

...we were able to talk openly and in disagreement with each other, but yet respectfully and without much tension between us.

Day 3: Lost - 4/26/2012

I title this Lost because, tonight I find myself not having much to write about...Well it looks like I managed to have more on my mind than I thought.

Day 2: Learning - 4/25/2012

For me there was a great deal of learning that happened. Between briefings, orientations, and getting connected with people from around the country and world.

Day 1 Travel - 4/24/2012

The only thing I did today was fly, and wait and fly some more. However I did notice something just before I left and it really sank in during my lay-over in Denver.

GC: Surprise & Gratitude Plus Reading, Reading, Reading - 3/17/2012

The youngest member of the OR-ID delegation demonstrates his commitment to the hard work of General Conference preparation--and reflects on his own hopes for the global church.