Grant Hagiya

Bishop Grant Hagiya serves the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area, providing leadership to the Oregon-Idaho, Pacific Northwest and Alaska Conferences.

Blog Posts

The Disney Way: Doing Everything With Excellence - 9/16/2015
How do we build a culture of excellence in our churches?

The Madness Has to Stop! - 8/12/2015
It was a small news story that had no national implications, no international repercussions, no world changing consequences. But there it was on the front page of the Los Angeles Times with the title: “In city beset by gangs, a 4-year-old’s slaying stands out”

Servant Leadership - 7/20/2015
Both groups exhibited the servant leader qualities that we value in ministry

Hagiya speaks on Marriage for All - 7/1/2015
Bishop makes statement on Supreme Court marriage decision

Annual Conference Discovery - 5/12/2015
Bishop Hagiya looks ahead to upcoming annual conference sessions, and the strengthening relationships between the conferences of the Greater NW area.

How Much is a Life Worth? - 1/5/2015
The start of a new year gives time to consider different possibilities

Listen, Be, Receive - 12/1/2014
God is calling us to listen. Are we?

On Death and Resurrection - 11/3/2014
Death is something all of us must face, and that holds true of our church also.

A Call to Prayer and Action - 10/24/2014
It is another sad day in our Greater Northwest Episcopal Area.

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time… - 10/22/2014
It was a case of being unlucky or not paying attention, but a learning lesson nonetheless.

Apple has failed us - 9/16/2014
I never thought I would say that. As an enthusiastic fan of their products, often over and against their competitors, that is a difficult thing to say.

We are far less effective when we go it alone - 7/14/2014
We are far less effective when we go it alone ...

Seeking the Unity of the Whole Church - 6/2/2014
It is important to be reminded of the fact that this is a relatively recent question, and Jesus never addressed it directly. Nor did our founder John Wesley

We are always Easter People - 4/25/2014
Easter is that time when the Christian Church is at its best: the pageantry, passion, joy and excitement of Easter is not comparable to any other season. But...

Exposing Vulnerabilities… - 3/27/2014
As our United Methodist Church downsizes, one of the critical mistakes, in my judgment, was the removal of one Bishop in each of the Jurisdictional Areas. Actually, this General Conference action was motived politically more than economically or strategically.

Seeking the Quiet Center - 11/5/2013

I was moved by the simplicity and depth of these words that I used to sing without thinking about the deeper implications

The Healthy Body - 10/2/2013

... one of my teeth started to hurt and it kept getting worse. With that typical macho attitude, I decided to tough it out, ...

What Are You Holding Back? - 9/19/2013

I have always held back a little bit of energy in reserve so as to be able to finish strong...

A call to fasting and prayer on September 7th - 9/3/2013

So let me encourage you to heed Pope Francis’ invitation to spend Saturday, September 7th in fasting and to pray for peace in Syria.

An Unexpected Price - 7/15/2013

I always joke about the fact that if I sign the book its value will go down, but in a spirited auction the price keep going up and up. When it reached $115.00 I thought everyone had gone mad

Responding to Boston Tragedy - 4/17/2013

Our hearts and prayers go out to those harmed on Monday at the Boston Marathon, and to the families who have lost loved ones in such senseless violence. It is important for us to focus our prayers on healing and strength for the survivors, and not on blind retribution and anger.

Remembering The Cue: - 2/24/2013

What builds commitment to routine in your life?

Listening to the Bones - 11/30/2012

Upon approaching, the skull would speak, and the first time I passed it, it did kind of alarm me...

Chaplains Answer Calling From God and Country - 10/26/2012

Our United Methodist Chaplains are one of the most prized by the military leadership because they can serve such a wide variety of people...

12 Days on the Road - 9/17/2012

It was a joy to visit dozens of local churches, meet hundreds of laity and clergy, and listen to hopes and dreams. When I am asked how I will cope with such a large geographic territory, my honest answer is “think of the evangelism and growth possibilities in this vast region!”