Mary Foote

Mary Foote was elected as Conference lay Leader in 2012. She is a mom, wife, and dental hygienist. As a member at the Hillsboro United Methodist Church she is active in many areas, but has a special passion for Hispanic Ministry and the English as a second language program. Contact her at marycfoote@yahoo.com or (503)648-3072.

Blog Posts

Laity Session at Annual Conference 2016 - 4/27/2016
Lay Leader Mary Foote invites laity to gather!

How does your church say “Welcome!? - 3/2/2016
How has your local church responded to the call for intentional welcome?

A way to make this Christmas special - 12/22/2015
What follows is a sure-fire method to find Christ among the madness.

Yes, there is life after Christmas! - 12/22/2015
This year, I’m wondering – shall we have another food drive?

Call to Action - 7/31/2015
So, we begin. We repent and open our hearts for the Lord’s healing.

Visionary Leadership Project - 6/2/2015
Spring Retreat - Lead Like a Coach!

Seeking Lay Delegates to General Conference! - 3/30/2015
Do you have a passion for serving the greater United Methodist Church?

Annual Conference is months away! - 2/20/2015
For some of us, that’s a lifetime away. For others, it’s like a nap on the couch.

Food Drive Wrap-up - 2/18/2015
80,000 pounds of food collected across the conference in one month.

Thousands of pounds of food! - 1/29/2015
Churches are responding to a call to fill food pantry shelves.

Laity group holds second meeting - 10/13/2014
The focus of the VLP is to enable laity to embrace their call to leadership through the local church. Our mission field is reached through our local churches. This is where we meet our neighbors as the body of Christ.

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s Laity Sunday! - 9/3/2014
Ah, Sunday morning. You get out of bed, start the coffee, hit the shower and get to church. You find a seat – always third from the center, left side, fourth row – and begin worship. Is Sunday morning feeling a little, well, ho-hum? Need to bust out of the sit and listen, stand and sing routine? Have I got a deal for you!   This year, October 19th is identified as Laity Sunday. The theme, Disciples Called to Action: Engaging Small Groups, can be a fine starting point. However, as the General ...

Reaching the Margins - 8/4/2014
Some stories are written in bold type but other stories take extra care to hear.

Q and A From the Conference Lay Leader Mailbag - 6/24/2014
Mary answers a question about how leaders are selected.

It’s a wrap! - 6/19/2014
Whew – we made it! Every year there’s a few moments that stay with me long after the final prayer. I’d like to share those moments with you.

OR-ID Laity, what's your next act? - 5/21/2014
Hundreds of United Methodists will gather to set the course for the coming year, renew connections with brothers and sisters from far away and be filled with the Holy Spirit as we worship and sing together.

Let Your Voice Be Heard! - 1/28/2014

Our other new communication tool is accomplished face to face! Yes, real people talking TO EACH OTHER.

Rebranding Catholicism - 1/7/2014

I have heard and said, “ I love this new Pope!” Pope Francis shuns the palace, sneaks out to help the poor and focuses on service. What’s not to love?

Creating a New Season Combining both Anxiety and Glee - 8/20/2013

For me - this year - Summall is the awakening of the church. I guess I’ve aged out of the anxiety, but the glee remains...