Joshua Bynum


Joshua Bynum was chosen in 2014 as the Associate Lay Leader for the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference. He also serves on the Ministry Leadership team and has been an Equalization Member to Annual Conference in the college student designation. He lives in Boise, Idaho and is working toward his MS in Counseling at Northwest Nazarene University . Contact Joshua at whoselogic@gmail.com.

Blog Posts

Christian Opportunism - 9/3/2014
We are so fortunate to have a conference full of people who empower and enrich each other in Christ’s name. Leaders in our conference urged me to go to the Global Leadership Summit in August. It was my first time at the Summit, and it was better than I imagined. The speakers had so much to say about so many things. Their passion could be felt not only in the way they spoke about their work and ministry settings but in their need to inspire others to do the same. I got a strong feeling that if I ...