Seeking the Unity of the Whole Church

As we get closer to our 2016 General Conference, the debate over the great issues that confront our denomination are heating up in their intensity.  There are many items for us to consider as we look toward the future of our denomination, but the one that is getting the most headlines, and entrenching the extremes on either end of the spectrum, is the question of full inclusion for our LGBTQ sisters and brothers.

There is talk of schism from both sides, and depending upon what the General Conference ultimately decides on this one question, each extreme is threatening to leave the denomination.  It is important to be reminded of the fact that this is a relatively recent question, and Jesus never addressed it directly.  Nor did our founder John Wesley, and any projections of what Jesus or Wesley would have commented on it are just that, projections.

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Grant Hagiya
Bishop Grant Hagiya serves the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area, providing leadership to the Oregon-Idaho, Pacific Northwest and Alaska Conferences.