Q and A From the Conference Lay Leader Mailbag

Greetings friends!
Although Annual Conference is becoming a distant memory, I’d like to share a question I recently received. Thank-you for contacting me, Questioning Lay Person!
Dear Mary,
I have to say I’m feeling a little sour about not getting to vote for our new Associate Conference Lay Leader. Josh is great – I know he’ll add a lot to our conference leadership – but it’s like you just picked him. PNW just elected an Assoc. Conf. Lay Leader, why didn’t we?

Questioning Lay Person
Dear Questioning Lay Person,
Thank-you for bringing your concern to light. Confining questions to parking lot discussions or keeping them to ourselves never helps!
While the Discipline outlines many procedures, it does not determine how an annual conference acquires an Associate Conference Lay Leader. Our conference rules (found in the Journal) provide this guidance.

13.060 The Conference Lay Leader may nominate a professing member of a United Methodist Church within the annual conference to serve as Associate Conference Lay Leader.  This nomination will be subject to ratification by the Board of Lay Ministry and the Ministry Cabinet.  At the request of the Conference Lay Leader, the Associate Conference Lay Leader is authorized to serve in the place of the Conference Lay Leader.
Of course, the Pacific Northwest (PNW) Annual Conference would follow the PNW conference rules. We followed ours fairly closely but did request nominations from the conference. Two awesome candidates applied. The Board of Lay Ministries and I felt blessed to walk with these willing servants!
In my opinion, an election for this position would be great. Conference Rule 13.060 could be changed at our Legislative Assembly in 2015. If you’re interested in specific actions needed to change a conference rule, I suggest you contact Rev. Warren Light at peaceuofo@yahoo.com or Rev. Jeanne Knepper jgknepper@comcast.net Warren is chair of the conference rules committee, and Warren and Jeanne are co-coordinators of the legislative process at Annual Conference. They could give you precise instructions.
I hope that clears-up the sour feeling Q.L.P. I appreciate the care and concern you have for our beloved OR-ID Annual Conference. Keep the questions coming!
Blessed to serve,

Mary Foote
Mary Foote was elected as Conference lay Leader in 2012. She is a mom, wife, and dental hygienist. As a member at the Hillsboro United Methodist Church she is active in many areas, but has a special passion for Hispanic Ministry and the English as a second language program. Contact her at marycfoote@yahoo.com or (503)648-3072.