The Madness Has to Stop!

The article describes the shooting death of 4-year-old Daniel Munoz, an innocent victim who had just awakened from
4-year-old Daniel Munoz
was fatally shot while playing
with a stuffed animal in his
front yard on July 29th.
a nap, and was out in his front yard playing when shots rang out in the neighborhood. The family’s first thought was “fireworks,” but then the tragic implications started to play out; Daniel lay in a pool of blood, a random victim that makes no sense, even to God. The police had little to go on, and the article was barren of many factual details, only the senseless death of an innocent 4 year old, carrying a bear into his front yard that he called Superman. Read more of this post on the PNW website

Grant Hagiya
Bishop Grant Hagiya serves the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area, providing leadership to the Oregon-Idaho, Pacific Northwest and Alaska Conferences.