Apple has failed us

Apple has failed us


Apple, Inc. has failed us.  I never thought I would say that.  As an enthusiastic fan of their products, often over and against their competitors, that is a difficult thing to say.[Apple_logo_black.svg]Apple Inc. logo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

One might question my sanity on the eve of their iPhone 6 launch which may prove to be one of their most successful product launches ever.  The fact that the pre-order website crashed under the sheer volume of orders, some 4 million within 24 hours, is an indicator of impending, commercial success.

However, I am standing by my original statement:  “Apple has failed us!”  The failure has nothing to do with design, technology, or business, and in fact these are all at an all-time high for them.

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Grant Hagiya

Bishop Grant Hagiya serves the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area, providing leadership to the Oregon-Idaho, Pacific Northwest and Alaska Conferences.

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