Spirit Alive: Living Faith-- Do You Have a Minute?


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October 11, 2016

Living Faith: Do You Have a Minute?

Bend UMC Shares "Discipleship Spotlight" Messages on Sundays

In the coming months, from time-to-time, I plan to share brief, one-minute "living faith" statements in my Spirit Alive posts. These video recordings will come from both clergy and laity. They will address one of the following sentence phrases: "Living my faith means...," "I see God at work in the world when...," "My church is a place where...," or something similar that allows the speaker to address a subject related to what "living faith" means to them. My hope is that these brief statements will help us create a stronger faith-sharing culture among us...and help us learn from one another in the process.

Hopefully, you will want to share these video recordings with others in your congregation...and perhaps even use them from time-to-time in worship on Sunday mornings.

As I asked different folks in the annual conference to help me get this new project started, I learned from Rev. Dave Beckett, the pastor at Bend First UMC, that they already have started doing a similar thing in there congregation. This fall Bend UMC started recording and showing brief videos of various members of their church community at the beginning of worship on Sunday mornings. In fact, they have replaced their usual worship announcements with these brief video recordings, with the hope of helping people connect with other people rather than events .

I'd like to share one of the "Disciple Spotlight" video recordings that the Bend church used September 25th. Take a look....

Click image to view video

We live out our faith in a variety of ways. Where do you see the Spirit of God at work in the world? What is taking place in your church that reflects the image of God? What does "living faith" mean to you?

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Lowell Greathouse
Lowell Greathouse is the Mission and Ministry Coordinator for the Oregon-Idaho Conference of the United Methodist Church. He looks for places to find where the spirit is alive and help them grow in vitality and fruitfulness. Share with him at lowell@umoi.org