Spirit Alive: What Happens When the Spirit Takes Your Breath Away?


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January 24, 2017

Signs of Life:

What Happens When the Spirit Takes Your Breath Away?

Have you ever been in a situation in which the spirit was so present and alive that you were simply caught up in its energy? For me, when this happens it feels like I am traveling on a rapidly moving river in which the current simply carries you along to places you hadn't envisioned going before. The experience feels awesome. It is powerful. And there are no words to fully describe what is occurring.

So what happens when the spirit takes your breath away? Well, among other things, you breathe in new life...and then just as quickly you proceed to breathe out fresh, new life. And when this happens everything around you changes.

As I travel around the annual conference, I am truly inspired by the all the remarkable ministries taking place. Among them are a number of inspiring things happening within our smaller congregations. Through these ministries, countless lives are touched in significant ways.

One of the places where the spirit is at work is University Park United Methodist Church. Just a short time ago, University Park was a small congregation with between 15 and 20 people worshiping there each week. And while they have had a long history of doing community outreach, about a year ago the Holy Spirit blew through this congregation in a whole new way...and things suddenly took off.

Take a look at this video story and listen carefully to the voices you hear here, because University Park is an example of an Antioch church...a place where God's Spirit is alive and at work in ways that people can't help but notice. In fact, what's happening there simply takes your breath away!

In our changing world, we often wonder if our smaller churches can still be vital and serve as witnesses in the world. And you know what? You better believe they can,especially when they open themselves up to God's Spirit and become places of Pentecost renewal.

Take a look at what's been happening at University Park United Methodist Church.

video screen shot

Watch the video

See what I mean? Small can be truly amazing and inspiring...when the spirit is alive in that place!

Where is the spirit at work in your congregation? How can it lead you in new directions and take you to new places? Where will new life emerge for you in the coming year? The experience can be a breathtaking...and breath-giving experience.

Let us walk in the light of God's love,


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