Thousands of pounds of food!

Brothers and sisters, our post Christmas food drive has added thousands of pounds of groceries to our local food pantries! Imagine the breakfasts, lunch boxes and dinner tables graced by these generous donations. Imagine the families able to relax, just for a moment, knowing where that next meal will come from. And the full tummies – God is good!
If you’d like to compete in our conference food drive competition, please send the total pounds donated (and photos if available) to marycfoote@yahoo.com before Sunday, Feb. 8th. What will you win? Glad you asked! Your church will be honored in the UM Connector for being fabulous and you will receive yummy homemade cookies for coffee hour!
Did you have some generous folks donate dollars instead of groceries? Great! Here’s the calculation ….
$0.15  =  one pound of food
total dollars divided by $0.15 = number of pounds
$10.00 divided by $0.15 = 66.7 pounds of food
Call me (503.648.3072) if you need any help or have any questions. Soon after Feb. 8th our winners will be announced. Two churches - the church donating the most pounds and the church donating the most pounds per person - will be our cookie winners and featured in the UM Connector. More importantly, hungry people are fed and we are blessed to serve our awesome God.
Being in ministry with you all is a joy!
Mary Foote
Conference Lay Leader

Mary Foote
Mary Foote was elected as Conference lay Leader in 2012. She is a mom, wife, and dental hygienist. As a member at the Hillsboro United Methodist Church she is active in many areas, but has a special passion for Hispanic Ministry and the English as a second language program. Contact her at marycfoote@yahoo.com or (503)648-3072.