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Birthing a Website


Websites must be easy. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many of them. Right? Well, not exactly. The key is getting the right stuff to the right people.

Today we launch what is probably the fourth major version of the Oregon-Idaho Conference website. We've come a long way, but have a long way to go. Along the way we've learned that our website's main purpose is to provide information and resources for the churches and leaders in our conference. But while we are doing that, we also have to present a public face of what our conference is to the occasional visitor. That's a challenge. But for now I want the site to provide what you at our 208 churches and other ministry sites need, when you need it.

Today isn't a good day to test that. I'll be moving content from the old site to the new for several days. First focus will be on getting the forms and information needed in the resource area. Then I'll be updating what is happening in our mission and ministry areas. I wish we could have moved everything before going live, but technical weaknesses in our current website have called for the move sooner rather than later. If you can't find something you need, just e-mail me at communications@umoi.org and I'll try to send it to you or get it posted right way.

You can look to this blog space to hear about new features the site. There is more coming! And other conference leaders will be adding their voices too.

Pray for the electrons! Greg


Greg Nelson
Greg is Director of Communications for the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference. He is a member of the General Commission on Communications (United Methodist Communications) and chairs the 2008-12 Western Jurisdiction Committee on the Episcopacy.