It's Valentine's Day...Love Your Congregation!


It’s Valentine’s Day…Love Your Congregation!


Last Saturday 53 of us gathered together in Salem to talk about “Changing the Church’s Culture Around Money.”  It was a great and productive day.  For one of the exercises, I asked a few groups to come up with their most creative ideas to express thanks to their congregation.  And, congratulations to Table #1 for capturing the holiday spirit and linking thanks with Valentine’s Day!


Here are Table #1’s ideas (with a few additional ones thrown in for good measure):


1.      Have special “Conversation Heart” candies made that say “thank you” (otherwise you might find yourself in hot water if a parishioner gets a candy that says “bite me” or “kiss me.”).  Clearly, this will be something to do next year.


2.     Hand out heart-shaped chocolates (one lay person emphasized that it should be “real” chocolate – personally, any type of chocolate will do – I’d just be happy as a clam getting any piece of chocolate during worship).


3.     Have kids thank people while they walk in to worship – have them thank adults for making Sunday School, ministry, and worship happen.


4.     Decorate your sanctuary with helium-filled, heart-shaped balloons.  If they don’t have “thank you” written on them already, feel free to scrawl it on yourself. 


5.     Go to the store and buy a big, big box of Valentines cards – the ones children hand out to all their classmates.  This is where you can express your inner you – “Hello Kitty,” “Strawberry Shortcake,” or “SpongeBob Square Pants” (you may want to avoid the “Twilight” vampire cards – let that be your own little secret).  Be sure to sign and write “Thank You!” on each card and hand them out on Sunday.  Who wouldn’t love getting a Valentine’s Day card from their clergyperson?


So many of you truly like and love your congregations – and for those of you who are struggling in that department, maybe, just maybe showing a little love will yield great rewards and help you feel more loving as well.


And by the way…Will U Bee My Valentine? 





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Cesie Delve Scheuermann
Cesie Delve Scheuermann is consultant in grant writing and stewardship/development working with the Conference. From 2008-12 she was the Conference Lay Leader for the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference.