Day 1 Travel


Tonight’s thoughts will be a bit short. The only thing I did today was fly, and wait and fly some more. However I did notice something just before I left and it really sank in during my lay-over in Denver. This is the first time I have ever flown anywhere without a group. It wasn’t a big deal for me I have flown enough in the past that I knew what I was doing and how to get around an airport, through security, and all the ins and outs of the traveling process. However what I didn’t know was going to happen is that I would find myself so bored during the three hours between planes. I found some reading material and kept myself occupied, but there just weren’t other people that I knew there to be in company with.

Another thing that I noticed when I was coming into Tampa was that the lighting of the city is quite different here than in any other city I have flown into at night. In the other cities I have flown into the street lights and business lights give off an orange-ish glow. The difference here is that the glow was more of a blue color. There were pockets where there was the orange like anywhere else, and there were some reds as well, but the overall color of the light coming out of the city below was a blue color. I have always thought seeing a large portion of a city from above was a remarkable sight, but this was absolutely beautiful.

Well it is late and the busy, busy, work of General Conference starts tomorrow. With that in mind I am headed to bed. Goodnight all.

Vincent Myers
Vincent Myers is a delegate to the 2012 Western Jurisdictional Conference and is attending General Conference as an additional reserve delegate and observer. Vincent is a student at Chemeketa Community College and lives in Salem, Oregon.