Day 6: Tired


Tonight I have no particular person to ask to have lifted up in prayer. So I would ask for the continued prayers for our delegation, the work being done at GC, the young people of GC, and those traveling home in the coming week.

Tonight I will start out by saying “Thank God” the Local Church legislative committee that I was observing finished its work before lunch. To be honest I was getting quite tired of the excruciatingly slow moving process that I could not be a part of. I would also like to apologize if this blog is too rambling or too short for I started writing this at 1:55 a.m. and am a bit physically tired myself. When I think about it, I have been a bit tired all day. I make this observation because being done with legislative work for the day I decided to go back to the house for lunch to save a bit of money, and to have some productive alone time. While I was trying to get things posted to Facebook and catch up on some reading I fell asleep two or three times. So it seems like I have been tired.

Even though I did not eat lunch with anyone else, I did spend the dinner hour with people from the legislative committee that wanted to look over some of the work that had been comleted during the day. After the meeting I went walking around downtown Tampa to find something to eat. I wound up eating at a Mediterranean restaurant for the first time. It was quiet and the staff was nice. I will say that the food is a little different than I am used to. It was good, but different. When I got back from dinner I found myself in the young person’s lounge and talked with Yoshiro (a Cal-Nav delegate) for a while before our young person’s meeting.

One thing I know I am good at is taking charge. Yoshi and I kind of took charge in leading the other young people to start making some decisions about the amendment to the petition I spoke of last night. We also set up a seating chart of the plenary floor so that we had some idea of where we are sitting to be able to alert the presiding bishop to look for us when our petition comes up. And we also started talking about the ways to look and sound the best when speaking on the plenary floor. At the end we all decided on things we were going to do and work on before we departed for the night. I decided to be the person that officially writes up the amendment and I also took it upon myself to be the connectional coordinator for our group. That Is why I did not get started on this until the late hour at which I did. I was taking care of setting up an email list, as well as writing out our thoughts from tonight and the official amendment as we have crafted it so far. One thing I will never get tired of is being with the young people. We have so much passion and drive when it comes to things we care about. The benefit to being young is we also have the energy to get less sleep and go, go, go, to pursue those things. It is truly amazing to be a part of, even when being a part of it makes you more physically tired it livens the soul.

I really think that we are doing great work here at GC. Not just the young people but everyone involved. I am sometimes disappointed by the outcome of the work, but doing the work at all takes patience and compassion. It is great that we have shown that here.
Now it is off to bed for this livened but tired soul. Have a good night all.

Vincent Myers
Vincent Myers is a delegate to the 2012 Western Jurisdictional Conference and is attending General Conference as an additional reserve delegate and observer. Vincent is a student at Chemeketa Community College and lives in Salem, Oregon.