Extravagant Hospitality!

Here at the Oregon Convention Center the buzzword seems to be “extravagant” when it comes to the hospitality General Conference members are receiving, thanks to the many volunteers from around the Western Jurisdiction.  Thank you to everyone working hard at the airport, the hotels, at many churches, and at the convention center itself.  Your ministry and witness is making a difference for all of us!
Bob Pearson Greets BishopAs a delegate to the Conference I have personally felt supported and encouraged by the volunteers’ enthusiasm, warmth and willingness to help.  And, I have felt extremely proud.  Whenever I introduce myself to someone from outside our area the immediate response is some variation of “The hospitality here has been the best!”  After a slow and very contentious start to the General Conference, I would agree that the hospitality may just be what is “best” so far.   Thank you.

Donna Pritchard

Left: Bob Pearson greets an arriving bishop at the Portland Airport
Right: Volunteers attend their training session before being deployed in the Oregon Convention Center. (Greg Nelson Photos)

Donna Prichard
Donna Pritchard is a delegate to the 2016 General Conference and Western Jurisdictional Conference. She is the Pastor at First United Methodist Church in Portland, Oregon. Previously Donna served as the District Superintendent of the Southern District and was a Clergy Delegate to the 2008 General Conference and 2012 Western Jurisdictional Conference. Donna is also the chair of the Jurisdictional Leadership Team.