Yes, there is life after Christmas!

January Food Drive – Opportunity to serve
January? Yes, there is life after Christmas!
Last January, we had a conference-wide food drive to help restock food pantries depleted over the holidays. We made a little competition of it and had fun while donating TONS of food! Win/win!
This year, I’m wondering – shall we have another food drive? Shall we put this activity on a back burner? While I’m happy to relay the timeline and duties utilized in this one-month activity last year, I’m not available to be the organizer. Are YOU the person to oversee this outreach?
If you feel called, please get in touch. I’m sure folks would like more lead-time than last year! If no one steps up, give anyway. Food is needed. We can give quietly and humbly, or as an extended group project. Either way hunger loses.
May God bless the amazing good works in our conference!
Mary Foote

Mary Foote
Mary Foote was elected as Conference lay Leader in 2012. She is a mom, wife, and dental hygienist. As a member at the Hillsboro United Methodist Church she is active in many areas, but has a special passion for Hispanic Ministry and the English as a second language program. Contact her at marycfoote@yahoo.com or (503)648-3072.