Everyday Blessings, May 3, 2012


Welcome to Everyday Blessings--May 3, 2012   Paul Woodruff: “Reverence is the well-developed capacity to have

Day 9: Talk, Talk, Talk


One of the two main reasons that I am a United Methodist is because I can believe something different than the person sitting next to me and still be accepted in my church family. Many people were against this wording saying that if you don’t believe the way the bible (mind you the bible that can be interpreted many different ways), says you should then you have removed yourself from the grace and love of god.

I wonder what Jesus would think of this?


I heard someone last night talking about the mission of the church “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” His observation was that our measurements of this equate “disciple” with anyone attending church. Are we really going to emphasize “butts in the pews”, or do we truly care about developing followers of Jesus who live in accordance with his teaching?

Day 8: The Start


Do we all know what the definition of insanity is? Insanity: the act of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I would have to say by that definition the people sitting on stage this morning were insane.

Day 7: Fun and Rest


The sand is whiter and finer, the water is saltier and WARMER.

Everday Blessings, April 30, 2012


Welcome to Everyday Blessings, April 30, 2012

A Saturday Update


The subcommittee was compassionate with one another and generous. .Their Holy Conversation that proceeded the vote was deep, moving, and open -- punctuated with tears and laughter. Randy Miller of the Cal-Nevada conference provided leadership and wisdom.

Day 6: Tired


One thing I will never get tired of is being with the young people. We have so much passion and drive when it comes to things we care about. The benefit to being young is we also have the energy to get less sleep and go, go, go, to pursue those things. It is truly amazing to be a part of, even when being a part of it makes you more physically tired it livens the soul.

Thrill, Intrigue and Disappointment


For those of us who like watching the political process unfold--who like the political thriller aspect--it all moves to the plenary starting Monday where there will be more acts in this play. To mix the metaphors--for those who don't like watching the sausage making, avert your eyes and we will let you know when it is safe to look again.

Day 5: Progress and Repentance


Tonight after worship a small group of the young people met. At this meeting (like last nights) we were able to find ourselves in holy conferencing and made some decisions and progress as almost a caucus of young people.

God's Plan for Prayer


"It's a good idea, but what about the 300 reserve delegates?"
So now the number of hand painted silk scarves needed would jump from 988 to 1298!Tom took a deep breath. "If God is in it," he reminded himself, this could be done...

Going Global -- "Your issue is not our issue"


For many, English is a second, third or fourth language. Some do not need translation while listening. But when they want to express themselves accurately and fully, they choose to use a translator to assist them.

A Friday Update*


It's Friday (I think) afternoon in Tampa. We are starting to tire a little here at General Conference. But the work is getting done. Yesterday and today has been full of legislative committee work as the body considers the many petitions for changes to the Book of Discipline.

A Process with Integrity?


So far, the proponents of all the proposed plans have been respectful of the process and have not attempted to manipulate the parliamentary procedure...

Day 4: Frustration!


...we were able to talk openly and in disagreement with each other, but yet respectfully and without much tension between us.

Day 3: Lost


I title this Lost because, tonight I find myself not having much to write about...Well it looks like I managed to have more on my mind than I thought.

Everyday Blessings, April 26, 2012


Welcome to Everyday Blessings--April 26, 2012 :  “Be still and know that I am God.”


The Challange of Being International


But my English-speaking brain that has been to lots of meetings in the US filled in a few gaps that she left. Not so for many of the international delegates.

Day 2: Learning


For me there was a great deal of learning that happened. Between briefings, orientations, and getting connected with people from around the country and world.

What I saw yesterday: Tuesday April 24, 2012:


I took a morning walk in Ybor City where a dozen of us are staying...

Day 1 Travel


The only thing I did today was fly, and wait and fly some more. However I did notice something just before I left and it really sank in during my lay-over in Denver.

Everyday Blessings, April 23, 2012


Welcome to Everyday Blessings, April 23, 2012--

Look around and see the Kingdom of God among us:

Everyday Blessings, April 19, 2012


Welcome to Everyday Blessings--April 19, 2012

"Like an apple tree among the trees..."


Got Any Spare Change?


David Armstrong is Oregon-Idaho's First Reserve Lay Delegate to General Conference, but there is nothing reserved about his opinion that we need to get off the dime and experience some change!

Everyday Blessings, April 16, 2012


Welcome to Everyday Blessings, April 16, 2012
May life become for us a living sacrament of…

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