Joy and Celebration of a new life

Bob Hoshibata


Sharing some of my thoughts and prayers as I welcome a new and a first grandbaby

You get what you measure...

Kim Fields


“You get what you measure.” I read that in a book the other day, and I quickly discounted the statement. Then I thought ...

My Lenten Walk

Bob Hoshibata


Sharing thoughts about my Lenten walk

Faith in Times of Disaster

Bob Hoshibata


How faithful Christians respond to disasters such as earthquake and tsunami.

The Initiative for Healthy Vital Churches

Scott Harkness


 Here's some insider info on the conference's new Healthy Vital Church Initiative (HVCI) process for developing local church leadership and potential.

Mike Slaughter to share at Annual Conference

Bob Hoshibata


Our Annual Conference efforts to support and resource you as you grow healthy vital congregations continues with the coming of Mike Slaughter to our Annual Conference session in June.

Let me share with you why I am excited about his coming!

An Insider's Scoop on a Conference in Transition

Scott Harkness


Under the banner of "Embracing Change," conference leadership made some big promises and commitments at the last session of annual conference.  What's happened since then? Here is one insider's scoop on what's been going on with a conference undergoing transition.

Birthing a Website

Greg Nelson


Websites must be easy. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many of them. Right?

Re-Imagine Your Story

Re-Imagine Your Story

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