Church Vitality

Greater NW Pride: Lessons from Camp Hope

Brett Webb-Mitchell


Lessons re-learned about advocacy with people with disabilities and Camp Hope.

Greater NW Pride: The UMC It Gets Better Campaign

Brett Webb-Mitchell


What would a UMC "It Gets Better" Campaign Look Like?

Greater NW Pride: More of my story, more of our story

Brett Webb-Mitchell


In his second installment of his blog, Rev. Dr. Brett Webb-Mitchell dives deeper into his own personal story, while thanking those who have had the courage to be "out" in a sometimes unwelcoming church environment.

Spirit Alive: Lessons from Kenya-- When the Spirit Crosses the Threshold of Our World

Lowell Greathouse


Connect Relationally...Celebrate Life...and Respond to Daily Difficulties with a Sense of Calm and Grace

Spirit Alive: That's Not All Folks, Part 2

Lowell Greathouse


Becoming a Church on the Move...

Spirit Alive: When Gatekeepers Become Space Makers

Lowell Greathouse


There are Many New Voices Among Us...Are We Ready to Make Room and Listen?

Spirit Alive: Let Me Tell You a Spiritual Secret

Lowell Greathouse


Something Remarkable Happens When One's Inner Spirit Comes Alive

Spirit Alive: Sometimes Walking the Talk Means...

Lowell Greathouse


Talking Kindly...but also Listening with Compassion

Spirit Alive: Resurrection Happens!

Lowell Greathouse


Learning to Know Ourselves as Already Resurrected

Take a leap with extension society

Tim Overton-Harris


Cascadia District Superintendent Tim Overton-Harris encourages churches to take a leap of faith in new ministry.

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