Spirit Alive: Trying to Make Sense of 2017?

Lowell Greathouse


Spirit Alive: In the End, Spirituality Trumps Politics

Spirit Alive: It's More About Seeing than Saying

Lowell Greathouse


Spirit Alive: It's Time to Look Around and Notice the Light

Spirit Alive: The Sacrament of Thanksgiving

Lowell Greathouse


Spirit Alive: Grounding One's Life in a Spirit of Thanksgiving

Spirit Alive: Are You Praying or Just Fidgeting?

Lowell Greathouse


Spirit Alive: Finding New Ways to Let Prayer Fill Your Life

Spirit Alive: Are You Connected? Let Me Count the Ways

Lowell Greathouse


Spirit Alive: When We Can Count on Each Other, Our Generosity Makes a Lasting Difference

Spirit Alive: As Christians, Shouldn't We All Have an ISDP?

Lowell Greathouse


Spirit Alive: What Does It Mean to Wear a Christian Cross?

So now it’s up to you

Jan Nelson


Annual Conference Generated ideas and commitment. Now is the time to follow up.

Spirit Alive: Whose America Is This?

Lowell Greathouse


Spirit Alive: It's Time to Wrestle with Our Demons...and Let Our Angels Sing

Spirit Alive: Following in the Footsteps of Giants

Lowell Greathouse


Spirit Alive: Composing One's Life

Spirit Alive: Saving the World One Paper Towel at a Time

Lowell Greathouse


Spirit Alive: Little Things Can Add Up

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