Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Mary Foote


Our other new communication tool is accomplished face to face! Yes, real people talking TO EACH OTHER.

Are You Ready?

Dan Moseler


2013 presented many challenges within our conference and nation, both natural and human-caused. What can our churches do to respond?

When I was a stranger you invited me in

Mike Gregor


The gratitude was immense. A guy handed over two crumpled dollar bills, “this is to help pay the heating bill.”

Seeking the Quiet Center

Grant Hagiya


I was moved by the simplicity and depth of these words that I used to sing without thinking about the deeper implications

What Are You Holding Back?

Grant Hagiya


I have always held back a little bit of energy in reserve so as to be able to finish strong...

Creating a New Season Combining both Anxiety and Glee

Mary Foote


For me - this year - Summall is the awakening of the church. I guess I’ve aged out of the anxiety, but the glee remains...

An Unexpected Price

Grant Hagiya


I always joke about the fact that if I sign the book its value will go down, but in a spirited auction the price keep going up and up. When it reached $115.00 I thought everyone had gone mad

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go . . ."

Bob Hoshibata


Well, my bags are not yet packed and I am not yet ready ... One of the things left on my “to-do-list" is to share my gratitude ...

Troubled Times Call for Prayer

Bob Hoshibata


I share thoughts and a prayer in the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado

The Importance of a Legacy

Bob Hoshibata


On a recent visit to the Martin Luther King, jr. statue in Washington D.C. I was moved by the monumental sculpture and the profound meaning of the words carved into the stone that commemorated this man and his life.

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