Spirit Alive: A Special Post-Inauguration Edition

Lowell Greathouse


Spirit Alive: A Special Post-Inauguration Edition

Uncertain times call for seeking justice

Jan Nelson


How to local churches and laity respond?

A Call to Prayer and Action

Grant Hagiya


It is another sad day in our Greater Northwest Episcopal Area.

Reaching the Margins

Mary Foote


Some stories are written in bold type but other stories take extra care to hear.

Seeking the Unity of the Whole Church

Grant Hagiya


It is important to be reminded of the fact that this is a relatively recent question, and Jesus never addressed it directly. Nor did our founder John Wesley

We are always Easter People

Grant Hagiya


Easter is that time when the Christian Church is at its best: the pageantry, passion, joy and excitement of Easter is not comparable to any other season. But...

Responding to Boston Tragedy

Grant Hagiya


Our hearts and prayers go out to those harmed on Monday at the Boston Marathon, and to the families who have lost loved ones in such senseless violence. It is important for us to focus our prayers on healing and strength for the survivors, and not on blind retribution and anger.

Chaplains Answer Calling From God and Country

Grant Hagiya


Our United Methodist Chaplains are one of the most prized by the military leadership because they can serve such a wide variety of people...

A Post-Mortem on GC 2012

Bob Hoshibata


Bishop Hoshibata shares some thought about General Conference 2012.

What I saw yesterday: Tuesday April 24, 2012:

April Hall Cutting


I took a morning walk in Ybor City where a dozen of us are staying...

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