General/Jurisdictional Conference

Never discuss politics or religion!

Jan Nelson


Most of us long to have deep conversation with people who are important to us, but we are afraid.

Extravagant Hospitality!

Donna Prichard


Donna Pritchard has experienced the power of extravagant hospitality as a delegate to General Conference.

Dominus vobiscum

John Go


“May the Lord be with You!” This is an ancient salutation and blessing

A Faith Formed by the United Methodist Church: Loving as Christ Loved

Wendy Woodworth


These three sermons and all the sermons and Sunday School lessons that I do not specifically remember, created the foundation for the formation of my faith as a United Methodist

The Worst Way to Run a Church?

Mark Bateman


I think about governance as we move toward General Conference 2016 in Portland

200 years of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Duane Anders


This year as we gather we will mark the 200th anniversary of the African Methodist Episcopal church. We celebrate our brothers and sister in Christ born out of our own racism.

So Many Words…

David Armstrong


I’ve been a church nerd my entire life, and a Methonerd* since 1991. Spending all those years in mainline denominations means I’ve been surrounded by words spoken in a religious context. On Sunday mornings we often get many of the same words: familiar liturgy, songs and hymns we’ve heard many times, scriptures that come up every three years if your pastor uses the lectionary. We also get some words that change but are not surprising: prayer requests, benedictions, and sermons, even if they’re ...

Changing our Mindset

Josh Hauser


Josh Hauser shares the view that we need to change our thinking.

Focusing on the big stuff

Clay Andrew


Will General Conference be able to see the need to focus on Christ's work?

How can we doubt?

Jan Nelson


How does the OR-ID team respond to a world-wide church?

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