General/Jurisdictional Conference

The Challange of Being International


But my English-speaking brain that has been to lots of meetings in the US filled in a few gaps that she left. Not so for many of the international delegates.

Day 2: Learning


For me there was a great deal of learning that happened. Between briefings, orientations, and getting connected with people from around the country and world.

What I saw yesterday: Tuesday April 24, 2012:


I took a morning walk in Ybor City where a dozen of us are staying...

Day 1 Travel


The only thing I did today was fly, and wait and fly some more. However I did notice something just before I left and it really sank in during my lay-over in Denver.

Got Any Spare Change?


David Armstrong is Oregon-Idaho's First Reserve Lay Delegate to General Conference, but there is nothing reserved about his opinion that we need to get off the dime and experience some change!

Keep Those Prayers Coming!


Preparing for his third General Conference, Scott Harkness acknowledges the role of prayer as an essential ingredient for General Conference AND Annual Conference AND Jurisdictional Conference!

General Conference, Here We Come!


Writing less than two weeks from the start of General Conference, reserve delegate Bonnie McOmber says it's time!

Leap Year, Olympics, Elections...and GC


As a self-confessed "Legislative Geek," Mark Bateman is in an excellent position to help the team analyze the proposals and prepare for the debate (or will it be discernment?) around the structure of The United Methodist Church.

Learning to Ski in Tampa


From sausages to skiing, the metaphors for General Conference are plentiful! Find out why the upcoming event in hot & sunny Tampa reminds John Go of learning to ski.

Sausage, Conference and Hope


What does sausage-making have to do with United Methodism? Clay Andrew, first reserve clergy delegate to General Conference, explores the similarities.

Walking with the World at General Conference


Lay Delegate Jan Nelson, who will be attending her third General Conference session, is on a journey to create a church that is truly global and inclusive--and she's learned some valuable insights along the way.

Making Things Work...


Donna Pritchard writes that it's in our DNA as Methodists to want to make things work, and she shares her hope that we will find new opportunities to make things work at General Conference and beyond.

GC: Surprise & Gratitude Plus Reading, Reading, Reading


The youngest member of the OR-ID delegation demonstrates his commitment to the hard work of General Conference preparation--and reflects on his own hopes for the global church.

General Conference Excitement!


The UMC's Connectional Table and its Interim Operations Team have presented a restructuring proposal for The UMC that is certain to be one of the most controversial topics at General Conference. Reserve Delegate Norm Dyer offers his opinion on the proposed Center on Connectional Mission and Ministry.

One Adult Sunday School Class Makes It to General Conference...


April Hall Cutting marvels at the process that allows one tiny church to offer its voice for justice at the global gathering that is the General Conference of The United Methodist Church.

The Journey to General Conference


What do Lent and General Conference have in common? Laura Jaquith Bartlett, head of the Oregon-Idaho delegation, ponders the connections in the first of a regular series of GC blogs from OR-ID team members.

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