General/Jurisdictional Conference


Norm Dyer


Norm Dyer Shares some facts about General Conference

Get Ready, Get Set…

Donna Prichard


Donna Pritchard looks at preparation for General Conference

Looking to the future

Josh Hauser


The youth are a very important part of the church's longevity, and youth are vanishing,

Seeking Lay Delegates to General Conference!

Mary Foote


Do you have a passion for serving the greater United Methodist Church?

A Post-Mortem on GC 2012

Bob Hoshibata


Bishop Hoshibata shares some thought about General Conference 2012.

Un-united in the Southeast

April Hall Cutting


They nodded their heads. One said, “That’s why I don’t go to church anymore.” Then she smiled. “My parents still attend our United Methodist church. They are in a class studying gay and lesbian inclusion. But most of their church is against it.”

My Predictions Were Wrong

Mark Bateman


The real surprise was that the entire restructure was ruled unconstitutional rather than just a few features in the plan.

Day 11: Remembering Love

Vincent Myers


I understand the need to make a statement, to have witness, I understand also that people have right to protest their position. However, there are two things that happened that upset me. The first thing that has bothered me is that in protest/witness communion was served.

Day 10: Change

Vincent Myers


The Final thing that happened that was an injustice has been happening for a long time in a lot of places. The young people that were required to be part of the conversations were ignored, patronized, left out, and disrespected.

End of the Saga

Mark Bateman


While I am not happy with the outcome and I think that certain aspects of implementing the process could have been much better, particularly in the plenary session; I believe in the process and accept the result--at least until next General Conference when there may be legitimate attempts to change the status quo of 2016.

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