Inspiring Generosity: S.U.R.E.! You Can Write Like a Pro


Writing like a development pro can be as easy as using Jeff Brooks' S.U.R.E. method. Give it a try!

Inspiring Generosity: Fundraising as a Form of Ministry


Henri Nouwen's classic, "A Spirituality of Fundraising," continues to challenge us all to see fundraising as a form of ministry. In this season of stewardship, we need to be reminded of that now more than ever.

Inspiring Generosity: Telling Your Origin Story is Important


Sometimes history seems boring. What relevance could it have for today? But then a hidden gem comes to light that serves as a mighty inspiration.

Inspiring Generosity: Summer is Over…Now What? 4 Things to Do for Fall


Quick! What are a few things you can do to prepare for stewardship season? Find out in this information-packed post.

Inspiring Generosity: “Overhead” is NOT a Dirty Word


"Overhead" and "administrative costs" almost sound like swear words in certain circles. It's time to reclaim and re-frame their importance in what you do.

Inspiring Generosity: “We are Stewards, Not Owners.” Meet Julia Frisbie, the New Faith Foundation Northwest Executive Director


The new Executive Director of the Faith Foundation Northwest, Julia Frisbie, has a lot to say! Learn how the Faith Foundation can help you. And read about the importance of the necklace Julia wears.

Inspiring Generosity: Why You Need to Know about Donor Advised Funds


Donor Advised Funds may be new to you but they probably aren't to some people you know. Find out why and what you should know about them and how they can help your congregation or organization.

Inspiring Generosity: Book of the Summer: Unreasonable Hospitality


Unreasonable Hospitality challenges us all to find ways to incorporate transformational moments in the lives of others. As a result, you will be transformed too.

Inspiring Generosity: A Thank You Letter that Says “Wow!”


Two thank you letters received. Only one had me swooning. Check out why.

Inspiring Generosity: New in Town? Four Ways to Talk about Money


Whether or not you're starting a new appointment, these four tips are great to keep in mind and act upon.

Inspiring Generosity: Best Practices for Handling Your Church Offering


It's great that people are giving on Sunday morning! But what are you doing with that money once you receive it? Check out these best practices.

Inspiring Generosity: Writing a Thank You Letter with ChatGPT


Getting out a "thank you" letter promptly is important. You may want to consider using ChatGPT to help you.

Inspiring Generosity: Should You Be Afraid of AI?


Are you embracing, flirting with, or rejecting artificial intelligence (AI)? It might just be time to see what all the fuss is about.

Inspiring Generosity: Giving USA 2023: The Good News, The Bad News


The 2023 Giving USA report is chock-full of interesting information. Find out why you should use it and how you can use it within your congregation.

Inspiring Generosity: Is the Offering Plate Relevant? Part 4: Series Finale


But wait! There's more! The series wraps up on whether or not the physical offering plate is necessary. You, dear readers, offer many thought-provoking insights.

Inspiring Generosity: Is the Offering Plate Relevant? Part 3: You Respond…Not So Much


The jury is still deliberating. Yes or no to passing the physical offering plate? Check out what you had to say this week.

Inspiring Generosity: Is The Offering Plate Relevant? You Respond: Pro


In the first of a series - check out what you had to say about the "pros" of passing the offering plate.

Inspiring Generosity: Is the Offering Plate Relevant?


What do you think? Pass the plate or not? Here are a few pros and cons (and some history to boot!). I'd love to hear from you.

Inspiring Generosity: Millennials May Have More to Give than You Think


Boomers and the Greatest Generation are more often motivated to give out of a sense of loyalty. They have a profound respect for and love of institutions like the church. For Millennials, that’s not enough. They want to give to an organization or congregation that they believe is changing the world and matches with their values.

Inspiring Generosity: Beyond Happiness: There’s Something Else


We all want to be happy. But maybe there's something more. Maybe the church can be a key player in making it happen.

Inspiring Generosity: The One Person You Want on Your Team


If you’re lucky, you’ll have one person on your Finance team who will ask hard questions...That person may help you avert disaster. This is a person who can help you and your congregation be sure your feet are planted on firm ground.

Inspiring Geneorsity: Do You Want to Venmo?


Venmo has been around for awhile. But now your church can access this additional way of giving. Check it out and see if it's a fit.

Inspiring Generosity: Your Spreadsheets Tell a Story


Do you love spreadsheets? Shockingly, not everyone does. How can you tell their story so that everyone understands their importance?

Inspiring Generosity: How “Hairspray” Healed Me


"If you haven’t recently recognized the power of music in worship, it’s time to do so. Through the many ways we are inspired by it – traditional, contemporary, rock, rap, jazz – music has the power to transform and heal and help us through our grief."

Inspiring Generosity: 5 Tips for the Small(ish) Church Website


We all know that small churches have some advantages over large ones. Check out how your website can be inviting to the stranger who might be looking for a new spiritual home.

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