BOM Officers & Contacts

Executive Committee:
Chair: Wendy Woodworth
Chair-Elect: Dave Beckett
Associate Member Registrar: Deb Payne
District Superintendent (Cabinet Liaison): Erin Martin
Candidacy Registrar: Amy Ostlund
Conference Relations Registrar: Julia Nielsen

Associate, Deacon, & Elder Registrar: Deb Payne
Extension Ministries Registrar: Jorge Rodriguez FloresCarol Seckel
Fellowship of Local Pastors Liaison: Michele Holloway
Honorable Location Registrar: Joyce Sluss
Order of Deacons Chair: 
Joyce Sluss
Order of Elders Co-Chair: Kate Conolly
Secretary: TBD
Treasurer: Larry Boyd
General Members:
Archivist: Janet Farrell*
Arrangements Facilitator: Janet Farrell*
Associate Registrar for Provisional Members: 
Candidacy Process Coordinator: 
Candidacy Summit: 
Certification Coordinator: Joyce Sluss
Continuing Education: Teri Watanabe
Fruitfulness/Ordination Project Coordinator: Charlie Wallace
Liaison to the Joint Committee on Clergy Medical Leave: Clay AndrewsTerry Neal
Mentor Coordinator: Carol Seckel
Ministerial Education Fund (MEF): Teri Watanabe

Ministers of Another Denomination (MOD): Linda Tucker

New Ministers Orientation: Chair & Chair-Elect
Psychological Assessment (MAS Liaison): Linda Quanstrom
Sexual Ethics Coordinator: Donna Haines
Retirement Liaison: Terry Neal
RIM Coordinator: Julia Nielsen (Coordinating with PNW Conference)
Recruitment Coordinator: 
Voluntary Leave of Absence Contact and Liaison Coordinator: Jim Walt
DCOM Liaisons:
Cascadia: Terry Neal
Columbia: Deb Payne

Crater Lake: Teri Watanabe
Sage: Carole Sullivan

Members at Large:

     Clergy: Dave Beckett, Artis LeteyJohn MarsKwang Oh

     Laity: Keren Rodriguez, Jim Walt

Conference Relations: Mark Bateman*, Ron Jones*, Jane Hill*, Carol Seckel

Committee Support: Administrative Assistant: Janet Farrell*


* not a BOM member

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